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Merit Bay offers technical evaluation tests in various areas that includes C/C++, Java, J2EE, .NET, Perl, IIS, Oracle-MySQL, Unix-Linux-Solaris System Administration, Cisco, Mainframe and General Aptitude. Merit-Bay facilitates recruiters to assess candidates using a reliable and easy to use online skill assessment solution. "We understand the needs of recruiters and we could serve better than anybody else". More >>>

Corporate Recruiters, Individuals are encouraged to measure their skill levels by taking certified by taking our online test with up to dated questions to effectively face the interviews. Certificates will be issued with the test scores and top candidates over a period will be rewarded. More >>>

ERP Flex

ERP Flex is a fully integrated comprehensive material management, accounting, and payroll System. ERP Flex neatly fits into your organization, no matter big, medium or small. ERP Flex has been developed using proven software technologies, making it reliable and secure. ERP Flex checks and reports any under-utilization of resources in your organization, minimizing your cost of production. Know more>>

ERP Flex-Inventory

ERP Flex-Inventory  module software ensures the delivery of right product at right time. It provides a robust and structured materials management system. It includes various modules like Quality Check, Bill of Materials, Engineering Change Order and Master Production Schedule. It allows you to maintain optimal levels of items, whether raw materials, work in process, or finished products. It automatically tracks inventory levels to provide you with consistently accurate, updated information.  Know more>>

ERP Flex-Accounts

ERP Flex-Accounts module is a flexible, open item system to maintain and monitor customer payments and all the business entities used by all the business process like purchase, sales. It pays your supplier at just right time.Accounts package contains three modules- maintenance, general ledger and write Cheque. General Ledger is the base for the Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, Inventory and the Payroll modules. Erp flex - Accounts module  allows customers fast, convenient and ‘round-the-clock accessibility to the account - right from their personal computer.  Know more>>

ERP Flex-Human Resource

ERP Flex - HR module is a complete employee tracking and benefits management system. Our product is comprehensive, easy-to-use human resources solution that gives you access to all the necessary processes, like  Recruitment list, Training programs, Employee Evaluation, Promotion and Immigration. The software enables the users to store information regarding Employee Promotion, Legal Proceedings and Employee Evaluation in the date wise manner and details of Recruitment List in the graphical format. ERP-HR desk accomplishes this task by maintaining details regarding.  Know more>>

ERP Flex-Payroll

ERP Flex-Payroll module is an innovative application providing comprehensive payroll processing .It provides the user-friendly versatility that makes payroll processing easy. Use it to maintain employee records, set up new hires, make rate changes, input payroll hours and dollars and manual payroll checks, and more. all at your convenience. You'll benefit from increased payroll control, with an extensive number of earnings and deduction fields, quick paycheck entry, administration of pay codes and deductions and other employee benefit programs. See a Check History for any employee, Vacation/Sick Accrual Reports etc. Know more>>


Distil is a software package capable of removing the phone numbers contained in a 'do not call' list, from any desired list of phone numbers. It utilizes a simple two-step wizard to browse a list of choice and select the phone number field. The program generates two new lists, one containing the numbers which were found on the do not call list and one containing the numbers not found on the do not call list. The new lists will be in the same format as the original list and contain all of the information in each record such as name, or address. After the list has been scrubbed, the number of records found on the DNC list will be displayed as well as the number of records not found on the DNC list. The percent of numbers found on the DNC list will also be displayed. This is useful to monitor the quality of the lists you are receiving. Know more>>

File Splitter

File Splitter - Split your files into any number of chunks and sizes.It is a user friendly product, with which you can chop large files into smaller chunks. Generate small full-featured program to restore your split files professionally.These chunked pieces are easier to copy to floppies or any removable media. It enables to split multiple files in one time Know more>>

Folder Security

Folder Security is a computer guard utility. It can hide batch of files, folders, and a local disk, so that entry of your secret password is the only way to make any changes to them. Install Folder Security and you have an easy way to password-protect folders located on your hard drive, external and removable drives. Secure your documents to prevent people from viewing, printing, or altering them. Your protected items can be quickly and easily rendered invisible or inaccessible to others but are instantly accessible when you need them. Without password. nobody is able to delete, modify, rename, move, or use the protected objects. It is fast, reliable, portable and convenient. Know more>>

Image Compression

Eye See is the application of data compression on digital images. In effect, the objective is to reduce redundancy of image data in order to store or transmit data in an efficient form. It compresses image files JPEG, GIF, BMP and PNG. It has two compression techniques: Lossless Compression and Lossy Compression. Lossy Compression compresses file with a compression ratio of 1:20. Lossless compression is used when the clarity of picture is to be retained and is mostly suitable for BMP files. Image files can be viewed before and after compression. Know more>>

Text Crypto

Text Crypto is a security software that allows converting a clear-text message (plain text) into a data stream which looks like a meaningless and random sequence of bits (cipher text). It provides 'Confidentiality', or ‘Message Content Security’, i.e., the sender and receiver encrypts and decrypts the message with the same key so that we can protect the contents of the message from prying 'eyes'. It provides confidentiality (help to protect a user's identity or data from being read), data integrity (help to protect data from being altered), and authentication (to assure that data originates from a particular party). Secure communication and secret sharing are the most straightforward use of Text Crypto. Know more>>

File Synchronizer

File synchronization tools let you consolidate information for backup and restore data after a disaster. We help you sort through commercial and freeware options. File sync automatically copies files from one computer to another. Syncing network files makes it easy to move new or updated files and keeps mirrored directories up-to-date. It's also a smart way to protect your data in the event of a disaster. With file sync, you don't have to carry a floppy, CD, USB stick or any other media to constantly update the file on multiple computers. The file sync system does all the work for you  Know more>>

Backup Rescue

Backup Rescue project is designed to be very easy to use. It is not an archival tool that compresses all your files and folders into one file, but instead, it copies your data to a destination of your choice where you can readily access your backed up files any time you need. Backup copies files and folders from one location to another on the same drive or another drive, and across LAN/WAN. You can set up projects that describe the source location, the destination location, and the frequency at which you want to backup the files. Know more>>



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